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The type of personality associated with each of the 12 animal years is explored in depth.

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Potential for relationships and interactions with each of the other animals jump vividly from the pages, ringing bells time after time as we read about a spouse, boss, friend, or neighbor. The authors also provide a thumbnail sketch of the kinds of activities, fortune, stresses, and general circumstances each coming year will bring to each of the animal branches. To the experienced Western astrologer, the Taoist tradition provides additional insight into the ancient system of divination, greatly expanding the realm of expertise.

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  6. Astrology consultations are by phone, in person in San Francisco CA, or I can email your charts with a voice recording. Contact me to schedule your birth chart reading by email susan susanlevitt.

    Taoist Astrology A Handbook of the Authentic Chinese Tradition

    Know both your Western birth chart and your Taoist Four Pillars birth chart. I blend the magic of Western astrology with the Taoist zodiac to create an alchemical blend, a new interpretation plus the old ways of astrology. You can have your chart done at any age, so consider the children. Then I will contact you to schedule our time together. If you have questions about how to follow the directions during the payment procedure, call Paypal at View the contents of your shopping cart: View Cart To prepare your personal birth chart, please provide me with your birth date, birth place and exact birth time.

    Know when and what to expect in the future. Planetary transits can predict the exact date and time of future events.

    Taoist Astrology

    Astrological forecasts have been used for ages to inform Kings, Queens, Pharaohs and Emperors, and they can work for you too! Learn the best time for marriage, when to buy or sell a home, move to another location, and find love or launch a business, all with the help of an astrology forecast determined by your planetary transits!

    Schedule your current forecast, then schedule ongoing yearly forecasts at New Years or on your birthday each year to always be in the know with astrology. Six Months Forecast. Advanced Search Search Tips. Provides in-depth descriptions of each of the sixty signs and offers important advice for making life decisions.

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    It gives valuable insights into personality, relationships, child-parent dynamics, and rising and falling fortunes. Special sections on yin and yang, Confucianism and Buddhism, and Taoist alchemy return this Chinese tradition to its ancient roots.

    Chinese Zodiac - Snake

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