January 2 equinox astrology

There will be A LOT going on. We have some wonderful supportive aspects in Earth signs, but also several dynamic T-squares which will demand action.

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We have a New Moon in Virgo on August 30th, This New Moon is very very Virgo because we have 5 personal planets in Virgo if we count, of course, the Sun and the Moon , which is pretty unusual. Venus and Mars are the two relationship planets, and they meet up in conjunction once every 2 years or so, starting a new relationship cycle.

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We hold our values and our values hold us. On the other side of the zodiac, the Moon raises her eyebrows.

On August 1st, we have a glorious New Moon in Leo. We have 12 New Moons in a year, one in each zodiac sign. In the Northern Hemisphere this will lead to the arrival of autumn and in the Southern Hemisphere the opposite is true — it will mark the start of spring.


6 Ways to Celebrate Mabon, Also Known as the Autumn Equinox

As the Northern Hemisphere tilts away from the Sun, less sunlight will hit these parts of the world which will eventually lead to winter. But as the temperatures slowly start to chill, astrologer Jan Spiller suggests you do not let the same thing happen to your closest relationships. Ms Spiller said the time of the equinox is also all about timing and making sure take advantage of your opportunities when the timing is right.

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  • The Autumn Equinox peaks on the early morning hours of Sunday, September 23, this year.