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The challenge is to find the pieces that fit together. All together books in this series total about 1, pages. I believe they helped make a difference by bringing astrology out from the belief that it is purely a form of entertainment or superstition to the idea that there is something of great value here for society.

As ISAR President I worked with a great group of people that challenged each other to build something big and great for astrology. Highlights included the creation of a certification program, a consulting skills program and a competency exam. The organization initiated the ISAR online e-zine, which did wonders in bringing the membership together.

Traffic Report

And we held several highly successful international conferences, each built around topics of interest to the worldwide astrology community. ANS: At astrology conferences the number of attendees participating in programs dealing with financial astrology appears to have mushroomed in recent years.

Nothing is as consistently accurate in identifying reversal times in financial markets as astrology.

How Does It Work?

I think a few of us as financial astrologers have been able to convey that awareness to the trading community. Astrology appeals to traders because it provides that extra edge all traders seek. They want to learn more, and the way to do that is by attending conferences or workshops on the subject.

Both traders and other astrologers joined the initial program because they wanted to learn how financial astrology works. I was their guest for an hour-long interview the next day on Money Talk. When I returned to my office the next week I had over 1, letters and new subscribers. I had to quit my day job as an astrological consultant and, over the next six months, transitioned into a full time financial astrologer and market letter writer. The MMA Cycles newsletter was expanded to cover first the stock market and then Treasuries, currencies, grains and crude oil — all by popular demand.

I became a hot commodity myself and was a frequent guest contributor on the FNN network and was quoted on investment topics in major business and financial publications, like Fortune and Forbes. Merriman: Traders love astrology and are the lifeblood of my company.


'USD is the key to understanding markets in 2017' - Raymond A. Merriman

Every year I do an annual forecast book that is translated into several different languages and sells about 7, copies. Subscriptions for daily, weekly and monthly reports vary between to 1, at any given time. Morgan are alleged users of astrological services. What about business people today? They are very results oriented and open to accepting astrology as a valuable timing tool and indicator of economic and political trends.

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I respect their desire for confidentiality. Those looking at financial astrology as a resource need to understand that, like events on earth, the changing map of the heavens is never exactly the same. Learning never ends.

Mayo School of Astrology

However, in most cases, astrological timing is really valuable — especially for traders looking for at least short-term reversals in almost all financial markets. You must be logged in to post a comment. Your accomplishments, publications, and awards, all in the service of Astrology, are legendary. And, happily, you are also a friend of Jyotish! Even your name describes you: a ray of merriment for humans! But, no one has died because of it, yet. Charlotte: So - Ray- How did you become absorbed with astrology, many decades ago?

What happened to you?!

Interpreting Financial Cycles

What was the most important thing that you learned from your first teachers? Raymond: I came into astrology during my final two years in college, as I ended my undergraduate studies in Psychology, and then started post-graduate studies in both Psychology and Far Eastern religions.

Raymond A.